Course Features Overview

Implementing Advanced Cisco ASA Security 9.7.1 online training course provides advanced training on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 9.7.1 OS release. This course is a comprehensive lab course. It helps you learn how to install, configure, operate and maintain Cisco ASA 9.7.1 in enterprise network security environment.

  • Course Designed by Industry Experts & CCIE Security Certified Trainers

  • 100 % Practical Oriented Courses

  • 67+ Videos with Extensive Lab Demonstrations

  • 7+ Hours of Training

  • Life Time Access to Video Lectures

  • 100+ Online Practice Questions

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  • Trainonic Certificate on Course Completion

  • Why should you take this course?

    For becoming an expert at implementing Cisco ASA 9.7.1 and Precise & Thorough Preparation for CCIE Security Labs exam.

  • What you will learn in this course?

    Learn How to Install, Configure, Deploy Cisco ASA 9.7.1 (Adaptive Security Appliance). Topics covered are the implementation of RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, NAT, PAT, CTP.

  • Who should take this course?

    Cisco ASA Engineers, Network Security Engineers, CCIE Security Aspirants, CCNP Security Aspirants.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Cisco ASA 9.7.1 Labs

    • ASA-9.7.1 Modes Introduction

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Set Enable Password

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Set Interface IP Address

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Set Security-level

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Verify Configuration

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Enable Telnet

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Enable SSH

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To HTTP-ASDM

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Take Backup Of ASA OS

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Upgrade ASA OS

    • ASA-9.7.1 How To Recover Asa Password

    • ASA-9.7.1 Static Routing & Default Routing

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Lab Initial Configuration

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Basic

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Passive-interface

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Redistribution

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Default-information Originate

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Route Filtering

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Authentication

    • ASA-9.7.1 RIP Send And Receive Versions

    • ASA-9.7.1 EiEIGRPrp Lab Initial Configuration

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Basic

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Neighbour Table Verification

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Topology Table Verification

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Routing Table Verification

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Passive-interface

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Redistribution

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Static Neighbour

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Route Filtering

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Ad Changing

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Authentication

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Summarization

    • ASA-9.7.1 EIGRP Timer Changing

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Lab Initial Configuration

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Basic

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Neighbour Table Verification

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Database Table Verification

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Routing Table Verification

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Virtual Links

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Redistribution

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF External Summarization

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Inter-area Summarization

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Authentication

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Timer Changing

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Stub Area

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Totally Stub Area

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Nssa Area

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Totally Nssa Area

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Route Filtering

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Ad Changing

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Default Route Originate

    • ASA-9.7.1 OSPF Router-id Changing

    • ASA-9.7.1 Configuring CLA

    • ASA-9.7.1 Configuring Multicasting

    • ASA-9.7.1 Static NAT First Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 Dynamic NAT First Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 PAT First Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 Static PAT First Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 Static NAT Second Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 Dynamic NAT Second Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 PAT Second Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 Static PAT Second Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 Identity NAT Second Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 Twice NAT Second Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 NAT All-in-one Second Method

    • ASA-9.7.1 CTP Using ACS 5.8.0 TACACS+

    • ASA-9.7.1 CTP Using ACS 5.8.0 RADIUS


CCIE Security #37094

Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh is highly experienced, subject matter expert in the Network Security Domain. He is a very well-known Senior Technical Instructor and Corporate Trainer. His training specializations are- Cisco ASA Firewalls, VPN Technologies, Identity Services Engine (ISE), Web Security Applications, Access Point, Wireless LAN Controller & Intrusion Prevention System, Fortinet Firewalls.


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have lifelong access to the course. You can access our course using your Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet, from anywhere, anytime.

  • Can I Download the course videos?

    You need an Internet connection for watching Implementing Advanced Cisco Security ASA 9.7.1 Labs Training videos. However, you will not be allowed to download the videos.

  • What is a Trainonic Certificate?

    The Trainonic certification confirms that you have completed the Implementing Advanced Cisco Security ASA 9.7.1 Labs Training

  • How do I get Trainonic Certificate?

    Please download the Trainonic Certificate at the click of a button, upon completing your course.

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