Configuring F5 BIG-IP GTM/DNS Training cover

Configuring F5 BIG-IP GTM/DNS Training

Unlock the Power of BIG-IP DNS: Master the BIG-IP DNS/GTM Configuration and Optimization.

Instructor: Saurabh Yadav

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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This self-paced video course provides a comprehensive introduction to BIG-IP DNS, covering everything from basic functions to advanced load balancing techniques. With hands-on demonstrations and expert instruction, you'll learn how to optimize your BIG-IP DNS configuration for maximum performance and availability.

In this course, you'll cover the following topics:

  • BIG-IP DNS Introduction
  • DNS Basics
  • Resolution Decision Flow
  • Transparent Cache
  • DNS Express
  • Simple Wide IP with Irule
  • Intelligent DNS Resolution
  • GSLB
  • Virtual Servers, Pools, and Wide IPs
  • Object Status
  • LDNS Probes and Metrics
  • Load Balancing Algorithms
  • Topology Load Balancing
  • Monitor Types

By the end of this course, you'll have a deep understanding of BIG-IP DNS and be able to confidently configure and manage your own BIG-IP DNS implementation.

Prerequisites for the F5 BIG-IP GTM/DNS Training course:

  1. BIG IP Administration: A solid understanding of BIG IP administration is necessary for success in this course.
  2. F5 BIG IP LTM Training: Completing F5 BIG IP LTM training is a must before starting this course as it covers the basic concepts and terminologies used in BIG IP DNS.

It is recommended that candidates have prior experience working with BIG IP and have a basic understanding of networking concepts. Having this foundational knowledge will help ensure a smooth learning experience.

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