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Troubleshooting Guide at Your Fingertips

The FortiGate Lab Workbook (FortiOS Version 6.0.3) is a Practical Guide to FortiGate Firewall.  It Contains Comprehensive lab exercises with full solutions to develop the knowledge and skills needed to configure, troubleshoot and maintain the FortiGate Enterprise Firewall.

  • Why should you take this Lab Workbook

    The workbook will help you in becoming proficient at troubleshooting and configuration of FortiGate Firewall on FortiOS Version 6.0.3

  • What you will learn from this Lab Workbook

    You will learn to configure, troubleshoot and maintain the FortiGate Enterprise Firewall. Detail configuration Labs and commands of FortiGate Firewall on FortiOS Version 6.0.3.

  • Who should take this Workbook

    Network Engineers, Network, systems, and security engineers, Network and security managers, Firewall Administrators, Fortinet Certification aspirants, Fortinet -FortiGate Network Security Professionals

Lab Workbook Content:

List of Lab Exercises included in Fortinet Firewall Lab Workbook-

  • 1

    The FortiGate Lab Workbook

    • How to Use this Workbook

    • Lab 1: FortiGate Basics

    • Lab 2: Fortigate IPv4 Static Default Routing

    • Lab 3: Fortigate IPv4 RIP

    • Lab 4: Fortigate-IPv4 OSPF

    • Lab 5: Fortigate-IPv4 IS-IS

    • Lab 6: Fortigate-IPv4 BGP

    • Lab 7: Fortigate-IPv4 Link Monitoring

    • Lab 8: Fortigate-IPv4 Traffic Forwarding From One-Zone to Another-Zone

    • Lab 9: Fortigate-IPv4 User-Authentication

    • Lab 10: Fortigate-IPv4 Network Address Translation

    • Lab 11: Fortigate-IPv6 Static-Default-Routing

    • Lab 12: Fortigate-IPv6 RIPng

    • Lab 13: Fortigate-IPv6 OSPFv3

    • Lab 14: Fortigate-IPv6 IS-ISv6

    • Lab 15: Fortigate-IPv6 BGPv6

    • Lab 16: Fortigate-IPv6 Link-Monitoring

    • Lab 17: Fortigate-IPv6 Traffic Forwarding from One-Zone to Another-Zone

    • Lab 18: Fortigate-IPv6 User Group Authentication

    • Lab 19: Fortigate-IPv6 Network Address Translation

    • Lab 20: Fortigate-IPv4 Site-Site VPN IKE-1

    • Lab 21: Fortigate-IPv4 Site-Site VPN IKE-2

    • Lab 22: Fortigate-IPv4 Transparent Firewall

    • Lab 23: Fortigate-IPv4 Transparent Firewall Site-Site VPN

    • Lab 24: Fortigate-IPv6 Transparent Firewall

    • Lab 25: Fortigate-IPv4 HA Active-Passive

    • Lab 26: Fortigate-IPv4 HA Active-Active

    • Lab 27: Fortigate-IPv6 HA Active-Passive

    • Lab 28: Fortigate-IPv6 HA Active-Active

    • Lab 29: Fortigate-IPv4 Server Load Balancing

    • Lab 30: Fortigate-IPv6 Server Load Balancing

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  • Can I Download this workbook?

    No, you cannot download this workbook. You can only view this FortiGate Lab Workbook. You can view the workbook once you login to your dashboard. Internet connection is required to access this lab workbook.

  • Can I access this workbook from Mobile/Tablets?

    Yes, our website and learning portal is mobile friendly and responsive. You can access this workbook in any device such as Mobile, Tablet, Laptop etc.

  • After Purchase, how Long do I have access to the workbook?

    You will have lifelong access to the workbook. You can access the workbook from anywhere, anytime, using your own device.

  • What if I run into problems? How can I get help?

    For any technical help and queries, please write us an email at

  • How can I best use this workbook?

    This workbook is your troubleshooting guide at your fingertips. It is your go to book for any troubleshooting requirements. Refer to this book for all the trouble shooting commands required to master the skills of configuring and troubleshooting Fortigate Firewall.